Equate 2 Week For Astigmatism

Distributed by Walmart (6 Lenses/Box)
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$24.00 /Box
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Right (OD)8.7 14.5
Left (OS)8.7 14.5

Equate 2 Week For Astigmatism Product Information
  • Equate 2 week for Astigmatism are two-week replacement contact lenses.
  • An astigmatism corrective lens known for providing crisp, clear vision all day long.
  • Its thin, patented edge and extremely stable toric contact lens performance provides excellent visual acuity and lasting comfort.

About this lens:

The benchmark standard hydrogel lens for patients who need correction for astigmatism and a two-week replacement schedule.

Customer reviews

Great Product

by Ericka

Was wearing Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism was paying about 42 per box seen Equate 2 week Astigmatism online at 24 a box asked my eye doctor for a trial pair when i got my annual eye exam and loved them very affordable and they are very comfortable and made by CooperVision

Comfort Rating: 5
Vision Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 5


cant beat the price

by Kristina

I ve been wearing contacts for years stumbled upon these one day while online. Very skeptical at first because it was a Walmart brand but I decided to give them a try. I ve tried many brands but these have to be the top ones I can see crystal clear in and most comfortable. it s also super cheap Just wished they made equate daily disposable for astigmatism instead of the biweekly.

Comfort Rating: 4
Vision Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 5