Hydrasoft sphere aphakic (3 pack)

By CooperVision (3 Lenses/Box) Yotpo reviews for Hydrasoft sphere aphakic (3 pack)
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Hydrasoft sphere aphakic (3 pack) Product Information

Have a super high plus power prescription that's always hard to find? Hydrasoft Sphere Aphakic soft contact lenses by CooperVision® offer superior quality of vision for even the most farsighted. With the widest selection of prescriptions available, Hydrasoft Sphere Aphakic is exactly what you need.

  • Manufactured by CooperVision
  • For a quarterly replacement schedule, order the 3-pack plus the single vial.
  • The 3-pack by itself does not carry a warranty and is therefore not returnable.

About this lens:

Hydrasoft Sphere Aphakic lenses are made from methafilcon B and is 55% water, which provides optimal breathability for long-lasting comfort.

Yotpo reviews for Hydrasoft sphere aphakic (3 pack)