What does the law say?

On February 4, 2004, a federal law called the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act went into effect that requires eye doctors to release contact lens prescriptions to their patients.

Do I need to provide you with my doctor's phone and fax number?

If you don't have their number, provide your doctor's name and the city where you had the exam, and Walmart can find the contact information we need to confirm your prescription. Your eye doctor is legally obligated to confirm the prescription within eight business hours; otherwise, the law allows us to assume the prescription is valid.

How long is my prescription valid?

A minimum of one year, and up to two years in some states. If you have a question regarding your expiration date on your prescription, please consult with your doctor.

My doctor requires me to return for a follow-up visit before releasing the prescription. Is this legal?

Yes. The doctor may want to evaluate your eyes with the trial (fitting) lenses in place before releasing the prescription. They may also require you to pay for the fitting before releasing the prescription.

My doctor refuses to release my prescription unless I sign something. Is this legal?

No. Your doctor can't require that you sign anything to release your prescription. The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act mandates that eye care practitioners, including doctors of optometry, release contact lens prescriptions to their patients.

If you have any further questions regarding contact lens prescriptions, give our Customer Service Team a call.